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Getting to Know the Angels

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Join me in “Getting to Know the Angels!”

This is a 16 day self-led course designed to introduce you to 15 archangels and 1 seraphim, and to teach you how to recognize their unique energy signatures. Energy signatures is what I call the energetic reaction we experience when they are in our presence. Depending on our unique gifts, each divine being’s energy causes a different energetic reaction between us and them. This allows us to quickly know who is around us and wanting to connect with us. Each day I will share a short video introducing one of the angels, a technique to recognize their energy signature, and a daily channeled message of inspiration. I will also provide a meditation to get you ready to work with the angels. My goal is for you to gain a feeling of the familiarly that comes from getting to know the angels on a personal level. This course is through Facebook, so you will get to learn and connect with a community of like minded individuals. I will also be there to answer any questions you have. Cost-$50

A couple days before the course starts I’ll send you an invite to our class Facebook group. I hope to see you there! 

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Intuitive Counseling

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Review from my mentor, Pat Longo

"I had the pleasure of having a session with Heather recently. The intention was to open me up to the Archangels that have been working with me during my Spiritual journey of Healing.  It was quite amazing to actually feel these angels one by one, which allowed me to recognize them as they entered my energy field.  I was told that everyone reacts differently to these energies, my experience was a physical one.  With each angel that Heather called in, my arms and hands would begin to move in a different rhythm to help me to recognize the differences in energy.  It was a beautiful and amazing experience!"

                                               Pat Longo, International Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Author of "The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety" 

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