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My daughter and I had an amazing experience with Heather. She did a virtual healing on my 4 year old, Charlotte. My daughter has had some trouble sleeping through the night and some anxiety in general around bed time especially. We FaceTimed near bed time and after chatting with Charlotte for a bit, Heather went to work. My daughter is typically a chatty night owl, but a few minutes into the healing, she relaxed and quickly fell asleep. The whole experience lasted about an hour or so and Charlotte slept hard that night. In her own bed!!! Big success. Since then, using some of the tools Heather taught us, she has been sleeping much better thru the night. Not always in her own bed, but huge progress!!!

 -Lena Gilman

I saw Heather for a healing for migraines associated with Graves disease. She was able to get rid of my migraines so that I could continue to focus on my family and work. Heather was easy to work with and I recommend her to anyone looking for a healing. I’ll definitely be back.
-John S.

"My experiences with Heather have been transformative to say the least.  Every session is exciting and uniquely different than the last!  I never know what to expect, but I always know there’s great healing happening on multiple levels.  Her gifts and talents are truly otherworldly, and she conducts her work with grace, poise, confidence and professionalism.  All of Heather's sessions are done with a true sense of purpose and genuine care - that’s just her nature.  In all of my encounters, Heather has been able to quickly zone in on the root cause of any ailment, energy block or issue that needs to be addressed.  I’ve been fortunate to have multiple experiences with her ranging from energy clearing, chakra balancing, remote reiki, mediumship, guided meditations as well as channeled messages.  On a few occasions my entire body vibrated noticeably as Heather cleared out old, stale energy and balanced my chakras.  Whatever she’s doing, it’s working magnificently because I feel incredible after each meeting.   I’ve always received far more than I bargained for, and Heather goes the extra mile to make sure you understand the messages. She even does a post session summary as well as provides intuitive messages that are practical and helpful. I seriously can’t recommend her enough!“ -Nate S.

"I had the pleasure of having a session with Heather recently. The intention was to open me up to the Archangels that have been working with me during my Spiritual journey of Healing.  It was quite amazing to actually feel these angels one by one, which allowed me to recognize them as they entered my energy field.  I was told that everyone reacts differently to these energies, my experience was a physical one.  With each angel that Heather called in, my arms and hands would begin to move in a different rhythm to help me to recognize the differences in energy.  It was a beautiful and amazing experience!"

                                               Pat Longo, International Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Author of "The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety" 

Having been intrigued and wanting to know more about angels on a personal level - I was excited when i read that Heather would be having a workshop to "Meet the Angels and Masters". I signed up and eagerly awaited for the day to arrive. Although I was really looking forward to the workshop- I also had some doubts as to whether I was qualified or knowledgeable enough to participate in something that i knew next to nothing about and with other people, who I was sure, were much more experienced than me. Once i joined the workshop, all of my self doubts vanished. Heather is an excellent teacher. She creates a very comfortable learning environment. Her teaching manner is interesting, full of information, patient, down to earth, hands on, and definitely makes learning a great and rewarding experience. She is a "natural" at teaching and i am so thankful that i had the opportunity to learn from her. It was an enlightening and emotional experience that left me in a sense of calm that is difficult to describe. I would highly recommend her workshops and I look forward to participating in more in the future..... so worth it!

-Lori Dyer

 Heather, that was so awesome last night! I have never slept so soundly and peacefully. What an incredible gift you shared with all of us. It was life changing! Hugs

-Kathy Scace

I'm not sure I have the words to adequately describe what you do and all the things that you teach and provide. The connection you share with the angels and the way they use you as a beacon to share their healing and messages with us is a beautiful gift. The comfort, light and clarity that you made available to me as my grandmother was dying and then the messages you were able to share after she had passed to provide me the comfort I needed to move on. It was truly remarkable and I will forever be indebted to you for the messages I was able to receive from my grandmother. Heathers gifts are absolutely extraordinary!

-Kelly Sterre

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