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Archangel Healing Package


This angelic energy healing is done over zoom or FaceTime, and includes, but is not limited to, balancing and clearing your chakras, clearing your energy field, removing any negative energies, entities, and/or attachments, stagnant energy, and blockages. I will also go through your energy field and ask the angels to balance, heal, and repair, the systems in your body. I work intuitively, and with your team as well, so each healing is custom to the individual.

The session is 45 minutes long and includes time for any guidance that is needed. Please email me if you have any questions.


Mentor Session with Archangel Michael


This option is for anyone looking to explore your abilities, your path, and purpose. During the 45 minute session, I will work with Archangel Michael to offer guidance, teaching, and hope. These one on one sessions can also be used to learn how to channel, heal, work with the angels, and how to incorporate crystals into your daily life or healing practice. 


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Angel Reading


As an angel medium, angel readings are my favorite thing to do! This is a 45 minute reading with the angels. Typically, Archangel Michael is the one who comes through, but there is no guarantee which angel will come through with your messages. Often, Archangel Michael with bring a loved one forward to give you a message as well. I’m just the channel, the angels run the show. The messages provided by the angels will be unique to your needs at the time. Please message me with any questions. We look forward to working with you!

*This is done through Zoom or FaceTime. 

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Angel Membership


The angel membership is way to get monthly group healings, readings, mentor sessions, and fun extras while being in a small community of like minded souls. My goal is for you to feel like you are hanging out, learning, and growing with a small group of close friends. 


The membership gives me a place to share my love of angels, crystals and helping others. It also allows members to work with me for a discounted price. Each month you will receive:


1 group angel healing session 

1 group angel reading (I read as many as I can during the 45 minute session)

1 group mentor session 

1 dimension hop meditation 


The mentor sessions will alternate between working with angels and working with crystals. At the end of the 6 month membership, my goal is for everyone to have a working and personal relationship with the angels and to be confident in their ability to begin using crystals to assist in healing.


 The cost of the membership covers January 1-July 31. I’ll email you a link to our private Facebook group by January 1st. Please message me if you have any questions. 


*All sessions are done on Zoom. Most sessions will be recorded and available to members to watch later if they miss them. Most are also streamed to the FB group. You will also have access to last years content.


*Most Zoom meet ups will be on Friday evenings. I'll add some other days in there to give everyone a change to participate live. 

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